Business Intelligence

The data management solutions by SISU Solutions allow companies and enterprises to make better future decisions through sophisticated data mining, visualization and analysis. Using our end-to-end business and project management software, Eoiin Centrale, we provide our clients with an integrated centralised platform to control their entire workflow processes from one application. Eoiin Centrale acts as a centrale source of information which enables organisations to have access to required information instantaneously.

This product by SISU Solutions makes information handling easier and simple, minimizing the need for double and triple handling. Collection, integration, and analysis of business information, is done using business intelligence technologies, including dashboards, visualisation of KPIs, data discovery functionalities, cloud data services, powerful data analytics, problem-solving, to eventually equip you with valuable business insights for informed decision-making. We can also help you with readymade API that can be integrated into any backend system which can accept different types of data.

Project Management

Our project management software deliver you personalised results for your business, with all the functionality and resources that you need. We help you attain increased productivity and efficiency, as you no longer need to run multiple applications at once. SISU Solutions makes things simple and pragmatic for you. With our Eoiin Connect solutions, we provide an end-to-end project management software, and also a solutions using agile methodology.

Eoiin Connect: Drive, Track, Deliver, Report

Project management services by SISU Solutions delivers you one platform for infinite projects.
Goodbye slideshows. Hello lean project workflows.

Video Production

Are you looking to connect with your audience through compelling video content? Do you think your digital marketing strategy needs to employ videography platform to engage the growing smartphone users? Not sure how to use visual content to connect with your target audience?

Worry not! SISU Solutions has a dedicated team of marketing gurus, script writers, producers, illustrators, animators, directors, and editors, who will bring your brand’s message to life with seamless video production services.

With the latest software technology, modern video production equipment, and our in-depth marketing expertise, we will leave a memorable impact on your potential consumers with highest quality videos.

Our Personalised Video Production services help you integrate with pre-existing databases to quickly create hundreds of thousands of personalised videos. Whether you are looking for dynamic videos or interactive videos, or both, let us help you deliver a visual experience to your audience.