Managed Services

Cyber Security – Advanced Threat Defence Services

Our cyber security solutions employ adaptive threat response system – a validated and integrated threat detection and response architecture that hunts down and deals effectively with all types of threats that routinely bypass perimeter controls. SISU Solutions can assist you in detecting and investigating threats that others would even fail to identify in the first place. Utilizing combination of cutting-edge technology and advanced cyber-security expertise, our solutions help defend your systems against the most determined and well-equipped adversaries. Ultimately our goal is to give you most comprehensive protection to your data, systems, and to your entire business. Context-aware and intelligence-driven, our advance threat defence services detects and eliminates threats with great speed and accuracy.

Application Managed Services

SISU Solutions takes all the hassle away from you through our Application Management Services and makes things simple and efficient for you so that you can focus on core operations of your business i.e. focusing on growth and improving the bottom line. From monitoring to maintenance, we improve your current IT environment by removing internal inefficiencies and upgrading applications, keeping in view your ever-changing business needs and workflow processes.

Platform Managed Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Platform Managed services by SISU Solutions help you with cloud infrastructure and application migration. Our solutions enable you to optimize the platform usage and lower your IT costs by accelerating migrations and automating processes. Managing your AWS cloud all on your own can be daunting, as it requires complex expertise to manage, operate and secure. AWS Experts at SISU solutions can monitor your platform and efficiently take care of all your business needs so that you don’t have to worry about it.