SISU Solutions is a consulting firm and services provider with a full range of specialised IT solutions that enables businesses, enterprises and government on their digital journey.  With a national footprint, we have physical presence in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

Our specialised IT products and services, include business intelligence, project management services, consulting & advisory, integration & engineering, managed services and training & education. Digital Enablement, Business Intelligence and specialised Cyber Security Services are at the forefront of SISU Solution’s core value proposition.

Obsessed with customer experience, SISU Solutions remains relentless in focusing on providing technical innovation, facilitating collaboration with other forward-thinking organisations, bringing together the world’s best technologies and leadership.

Sisu Solutions, may, be a recently incorporated company. However, we are anything but a start-up. Our history does not start with the formation of Sisu Solutions. This company started as a result of a management buyout of the ‘Professional Services’ business of Byte Information Technology ( Hence, we possess industry-leading expertise and mature business processes, with over 10 years of technical experience working on cutting-edge systems.

The SISU Spirit defines our company philosophy

The operating philosophy and the company ethos at Sisu Solutions revolves around the word ‘sisu’ and its meanings. In the country Tonga, the word ‘Sisu’ means Jesus, signifying humility, compassion, and gratitude. In Finland, Sisu is a national concept that refers to pure grit, tenacity of purpose, and perseverance against the odds.

At Sisu Solutions, the company mantra incorporates the two meanings from these 2 different cultures. We believe in having a passion for a long-term goal of innovative excellence, being gutsy and resilient in the face of any challenges we encounter, while bringing success for our partners by delivering each project milestone with compassion and humility.

Our corporate success and industry-leading technical expertise is fundamentally built around our biggest asset i.e. the quality people that work together at Sisu Solutions. The intrinsic value of the SISU Brand is purely down to our exceptional people, and our strong organizational culture that regularly nurtures and produces remarkable industry specialists, who are expert leaders in their fields.

Four Main Elements Found In Our People

1. Individuals Brimming With Talent

2. Committed in Heart and Mind

3. Client-Centric Approach

4. Quality Mentorship & Representation