Training & Education

Sisu Solutions help organisation achieve it’s potential with our unique training programs now being used by some of the countries largest companies. We develop and deliver to you;

  • Human Centered Design – For customer experiences
  • Development Operations – For when you need to design a technical solution
  • Lean – For work that is a known & repeatable
  • Agile – For when work is unpredictable
  • Change Management – For you need to get your teams ready to evolve
  • Values Management – For when it’s time to take your business culture to the next level

Ways of Working

  • Businesses are striving to be more flexible, more efficient and to bring new ideas and products to market faster than their competitors.
  • Many are finding that the tools, processes and organisational structure they have always used are no longer delivering the outcomes needed.
  • Ways of Working allows you to implement a new approach to how your people work that supports your specific business needs, quickly.

SISU Solutions has been helping our partners introduce Agile principles within their organizations to implement an agile working environment so that they are able to better adapt to changing business needs and operational circumstances. Providing agile mindset training to your teams can help individuals focus on respect, collaboration, self-organization, making them more capable of adapting to change.

Our agile experts develop practical training programs that are tailor-made for your business units and processes with concrete examples. Using robust theoretical foundations to introduce values, principles and processes of agile methodology, our training sessions are interactive courses or workshops that foster greater understanding of benefits of an agile working environment.

Join hands with SISU Solutions and let us help your team in embracing the Agile mindset.

Change Management – Embracing Change.

Moving towards a more harmonious workplace outcomes involves a planned, systematic process that uses behavioral science and techniques. It seeks to improve organisational health and effectiveness through:

  • An ability to cope with environmental changes.
  • An improvement of internal relationships.
  • An increase in productivity due to an increase in harmony and cooperation.
  • And, increased problem-solving capabilities across the organisation for innovativeness.

We help you bring:

  • People change: Changing the attitudes and behaviors of a few employees.
  • Culture change: A major shift in the norm, values, attitudes and mindset of the organisation.
  • Training and development: Most frequently used approach to change for groups of employees.